Designs for all major tablets on the market

BOX IT: Premium & ProLine Enclosures compatible with your requirements

Created to get the full potential of the powerful tablets


  • Our premium design compatible with all major tablets 
  • Danish Design, manufactured in Denmark
  • Crafted from recyclable high grade aluminum
  • Theft-proof Tablet Enclosure with 5-pin Cylinder Lock in Premium Line
  • Option for individual Keys and Master Keys in Premium Line
  • Build-up modular structure / Slim System
  • Modular based add-ons (after market)
  • No visible Fasteners or Cables
  • Compatible with BOX IT mounting hardware
  • Available in Silver & Black as standard (custom colours with MOQ)


The Premium & Proline Enclousures can be used seperately as a digital sign. 

It can also be used with one of our mounting solution to serve as a smart conference room control console, or serve various other use cases. 

Call us for details for your specific project.