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BOX IT Tough Tablet Cases

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BOX IT Design : Novus Retailsystem
The secure, robust and elegant alternative

BOX IT Design is a creator and manufacturer of premium quality fixtures for the deployment of tablet computers in enterprise environments.
We support most of the commercially available tablets from all of our OEM partners, from 7” up to 13” geometries.
Our hallmarks are Scandinavian, minimalistic design, best-in-class security, and the usage characteristics that you should expect from an enterprise-class fixture.

NEW: Designed for MS Surface Pro 12.3″ and Surface Go 10.0″!

We now support the complete line of Surface Tablet devices (Pro 3+)!

Ideal for digital signage/conference rooms, POS, etc. these gorgeous enclosures are the perfect complement to the Surface family of devices.

NEW: Product line for Dell 5285/5290 12.3″ is now available!

The introduction of the Dell 5285/5290 to our accessory line brings a field-serviceable tablet to the mix.

Feature rich, powerful and easy to maintain, this tablet is uniquely suited to environments where maintenance accessibility is a key requirement.

FOCUS: Premium Tablet Enclosure for iPad Pro 12.9″

Meet the Premium Tablet Enclosure  for iPad Pro 12.9″, available for all versions including USB-C 2018.

Again a truly stunning and beautiful piece from our innovative design team always aiming at the highest standards!

Coming up: Samsung Tab A 8″ and Tab A 10.5″

More and more, Android is becoming a go-to solution for IT departments deploying tablet computers.

BOX IT Design supports several Samsung devices to give you a full range of screen geometries to choose from.

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