Ruggedized Tablet Cases / Enclosures

Meet the fully immersable Tablet Case / Enclosure build for handling the most extreme weather conditions and scenarios for a various number of people:

  • Construction workers
  • Medical professionals
  • Safety and rescue specialists
  • Military personnel
  • Outdoor adventurists
  • Recreational enthusiasts
  • And many more

Our industrial-strength cases can turn a standard Apple iPad into a waterproof and impact resistant industrial tablet computer.

The Tablet Case / Enclosure is IP68 certified, fully immersible and can even be charged under water.

Water proof charging

Waterproof and fully immersible, IP68 certified

To obtain this certification, the case is tested to determine whether it can withstand the pressure at a depth of 1 meter under water for 30 minutes.

All cases in the BOX IT / aiShell series are waterproof and impact resistant. Virtually all functionality, such as buttons and cameras, can also be used from the outside. It is the only case system that allows charging even under water.

BOX IT / aiRack Charging system

Particularly suitable for professional users who may have hundreds of iPads in use is the aiRack. If the BOX IT Tough / aiShell Tablet Case is equipped with the Car Cradle Connector, it can be charged with up to 10 more in the aiRack. Inserting and removing is even faster here. Multiple BOX IT / aiRacks can be stored in one rack.

Highly suitable for Fire Fighting Stations, Ambulance Stations, Search & Rescue organisations etc.


With the eight embedded nuts on the back, the BOX IT Toug / aiShell case can be fastened directly anywhere. The products are also prepared for the RAM Mounting standard enabling numerous ways of mouting and placing alternatives.

This option allows direct compatibility with the successful RAM Mount system, with which one can mount the BOX IT Tough / aiShell Tablet Case onto practically anything, securely and permanently.

Celan and flat back

Branding & Colors

BOX IT Tough / aiShell Tablet Cases / Enclosures are all assembled and checked manually. We have the capability of producing custom colors and customizing with logo printing (MOQ required).

Hide Cables inside


The BOX IT Tough / aiShell system can be expanded considerably with a wide range of Add-ons e.g. hand- and shoulder straps, display covers, quick release mounts and hundreds of compatible brackets for any type of mounting purpose.

Hide Cables inside