Design and Quality Matters

The strength of BOX IT Designs Premium Tablet Cases lies not in complicated functions or expensive production methods, but quite the opposite: Simplicity, straight forward functionality, unmatched Scandinavian design and quality. Highly skilled people and modern production facilities enables us to present an elegant and secure Tablet Case / Enclosure for your choice of tablet.

The BOX IT Premium Tablet Case is milled from one single piece of high grade aluminium. The surface is blasted, polished and anodized in order to give the product its smooth, clean and elegant appearance.

No visible cables

Security remains highest priority


We pride ourselves on making the most secure Tablet Cases / Enclosures in the market using our own state-of-art 6 Pin Cylinder Locks with thousands of key combinations. We can even provide your very own key serie with a Master key for service purposes and security reasons.

Adjustable On/Off Button

Choose whether the On/Off function should be activated or de-activated
(applies to iPad Tablet Cases only).

On/Off Button administration

Hidden Cables and Screws

Cables and Screws should not be visible from a design point af view. So they are not which also minimizes the risk of theft and vandalism. We put a lot of efforts into designing our products with this in mind.

Hide Cables inside

On the other side

The Premium Tablet Case has a slim and minimalistic look.

Many of the design features with the Premium Tablet Case / Enclosure are not there by chance.
When used as a POS solution the back side might face your customers, design matters.
When mounted directly to a wall or glass surface, functionality matters.

Celan and flat back


The Slim System™

The Slim System allows for a large number of different product configurations or customizations, while maintaining the minimalistic look. The modularity makes it possible to mount the chosen solution in many ways, still maintaining it´s required fuctionality.

->Learn more about the Slim System™