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unique key code and masterkeys, hidden cable

By choosing the BOX IT Premium Tablet Cases you can rest assured that your tablet and not least your data remain safe. As the only company in the world we offer a 6 pin cylinder lock. The construction also allows for hiding the USB cable completely and thus getting rid of bad looking dangling cables

High quality Cylinder key

for uniqe key code and masterkeys

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BOX IT Slim Floor

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  • Theft-proof case with cylinder lock
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Your company logo can be engraved
  • Exclusive Danish Design high end product
  • Front plate allows very easy iPad® mounting
  • Prepared for VESA standard 50 mm
  • Optional home button cover
  • Charging cables can run hidden inside the pole
  • Case and pole in aluminum of highest quality
  • Base made of heavy steel ensuring high level of stability


Choose among four cases for the BOX IT Slim FloorTM:

  • BOX IT Premium iPad Air case
  • BOX IT Premium iPad case
  • BOX IT Premium iPad mini case
  • BOX IT Premium Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & 4 – 10.1 case