Visualizable & 3D

Let us help you to visualize your project. We have in house illustrators, the expertise and experience. Illustrations will safe you time and cost and always result in better solutions

Forward Thinking

We have been around from the beginning of the online World. Predicting is a strong word, but we can give you a good idea of where things are heading – ensuring a lasting solution

Challenge us

We love challenges because they let us work with issues that can resolve to new products, benefitting our customers and company. Feel free to contact us with projects outside the standards.

Customer Support

Everyone and any product may need support. We strive to support our customers as pragmatic as possible. Working solutions is not only in the interest of our customers – it justifies our existence

BOX IT Design, The Company

General inquiries:

In 2008 a few experienced entrepreneurs joined forces to develop innovative, affordable accessories and solutions that where designed to make life easier. For years accessories were invented and produced all related to Apple products and sold by Apple worldwide. When the first iPad was introduced, a natural opportunity was made possible.

Touch Screen computers had been used in the information kiosk industry for years but characterized by being quite expensive and hense a narrow market. The first iPad was a game changer making return on investment possible. For the first time everybody could now use information technology to make cost effective solutions within Point of Sales (POS), Point of Information (POI) and Point of Care (POC). BOX IT Design has the passion, knowledge and skills to enhance the ways of use by securing the tablets for public use.

We are very proud of our products which are of the highest standards. And we would like you and your customers to enjoy using them, which is why we only work with the best raw materials and green technologies. Our team of experts includes artists, researchers, industrial designers, creatives and engineers, who work hard to turn our ideas into reality. Our main focus is to continue producing elegant, robust and secure tablet holding systems for our exclusive clients through more than 250 resellers and partners across the globe.

All of our products are designed using state-of-the-art technology that not only looks good, but more importantly, really works.

Executive Sales Team

Sales inquiries:

Philip Chr. Haugaard

Philip Chr. Haugaard

CEO, Sales & Strategic Partnerships


Focus Areas: Southern and Middle Europe (including all German and Italian speaking areas).

With a general and broad view of things, Philip contribute to a well-considered and steady growth of BOX IT Design. Living and working from Switzerland, Philip has build up his reputation within various international production industries e.g. GE Capital.

Philip studied at the Niels Brock Copenhagen Business Academy before working for the largest Nordic food production company – now Dupont.

An interest in cultures and geography goes well in hand with Philips many yearly business travels around the World and also nourishes his appetite in general but also his interest in manufacturing.

Philip speaks Danish, English, German and Italian.

Morten M. Larsen

Morten M. Larsen

Key Account Manager

Focus Areas: Scandinavia, UK, UAE, Asia. Customized projects, VIP customers.


Travelled the world for many years as a guide for large travel agencies. His adventures and his curiousity has leed to extensive knowledge about countries, culture and language. Morten has worked with sales and marketing for decades having lead to a selfmade marketing expert.


Working with demanding people on holidays has taught Morten what service is all about and convertet it to the benefit of BOX IT Design’s customers. Morten takes pride in making sure sales and marketing is taken very serious while enjoying the work at the same time.


Morten is highly experienced in global sales and roll-outs and dedicated to make sure all of our customers get the best service in the market.


Call Morten at: +45 24 60 60 74

(CET time)

Fred J. Johnston

Fred J. Johnston

Director, Sales

Focus Areas: North American Sales, Channel Operations and Strategic Partnerships

A recognized industry leader and expert on the enterprise deployment of tablet computers in the Retail, Hospitality, Medical and Financial Services vertical-markets, his great love in business has been the relationships he has fostered with customers and partners, the teams he has built, and the companies he has helped to grow.

Having managed sales and business development teams, large and small, in a number of industries from Education to SaaS and now technical manufacturing, he brings a broad level of business insight to a fast-moving and dynamic industry where the Customer Experience is paramount.

Fred is responsible for bringing BOX IT Design’s product to the North American customer and managing our day to day operations with the Channel and OEMs in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Call Fred at +1 (801) 856-8822
(US MDT time)

Product & Administration Team

Administration inquiries:

Production & Warehouse Manager

Don´t be confused when you talk to Charlotte – she is just having a good time – all the time. Charlotte has lots of experience from larger Danish companies within the assembly lines. Charlotte has a keen eye for quality and nothing slips through if it is not BOX IT Design quality standard.

Always full of energy and ready to offer customer happiness. Charlotte works very hard in order to make sure orders are shipped within 24 hours if possible.

Lars Gunner Enoe

Lars Gunner Enoe

Head of Finances