Customization & Branding


Different customers, different needs. We are experienced with various user scenarios demanding custom made solutions.

Our product philosophy enables customization without having to start from scratch. All our products are crafted from aluminum which can be anodized in any color except white. We can polish or plate in gold, silver, brass or make it look like brushed stainless steel.

Functionality can be changed, added or left out and we provide technical assistance when Hardware Peripherals need to be integrated.

Take a look at our inspiration pages if you are in need of ideas for your project.

No visible cables

Branding often require more than colors

Several options for branding are available. We offer milling into the product, laser engraving as well as traditional color print.

Let us help you to visualize your project. We have in house illustrators, the expertise and experience.

If you need ideas, take a look at our inspiration pages. 


Different needs – different tablets

Our standard program includes tablet cases for the most popular tablets. Production methods allows for production to any tablet size and brand. We develop to your needs, feel free to contact us at for more details and terms.

The Slim Systems modular construction allows for many different product configurations and customization options. The modularity makes it possible to mount the choosen solution in many ways, still maintaining the required functionality. On request we can make alterations and or new modules, learn more about the Slim System™.

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Inspiration Gallery

Our inspiration gallery contains a lot of photos from projects around the World. We know about most projects involving customization, buut as our products are provided by resellers and partners we do not always know the end customer and how our products are being used. We are gratefull to get some photos once in a while in order to share these with you, get inspired.