The Slim System™

We like the modular way of thinking.
The modular approach offers many possibilities without costs escalating.

A range of standard modules serves most requirement for placement, mounting and functionality and we can easily change the size of base plates or the length of tubes.

We have developed many special brackets which we do not show on the webpage, do not hesitate to explain your needs as we might already have the right solution in hand.

We are custom to  user scenarios that vary and demand custom made solutions.

As well as with the Premium Tablet Cases / Enclosures we can anodize in any color except white. We can polish or plate in gold, silver, brass or make it look just like brushed stainless steel. On request we can make alterations, modifications and new modules.

The Slim System is manufactured with use of the same high aluminium quality complementary to the BOX IT Design Premium Tablet Case / Enclosure product serie.

The Slim System
No visible cables

The Slim Tube and Slim Top Mount

The Sim Tubes come in different lengths adjusted to the user scenario. The Slim Top Mount comes as standard in 30 or 45angle modules and both can be extended with a 360Rotating Mount module if required. We can even make the Slim Top Mount in other angles on request (MOQ required).

The Slim Tube can be fixed to different types of base plates or directly to a desk (or wall) with the Desk and Wall Mounting Kit. And it can even be fixed to a desk by drilling three holes in the desk from underneath using a drilling template.

Fix the Slim Tube to a Wall or Desk

The Slim Tube with the Slim Top Mount can be fixed onto a wall or desk using the Desk and Wall Mounting Kit.

Wall and Desk Mount Kit

Use a Base Plate to make a Slim
Desk or Floor Stand of your liking

Base Plates come in several variants, materials and sizes. Round or square, aluminium or acrylic, anodized Silver or Black, are all standard modules for the Slim Desk Stands. On request we can make Base Plates in any color, in wood or stone – well –  in allmost any material (MOQ required).

Base Plates for the Slim Floor Stands are made from electro plated steel with a cover of aluminum which will hide screws if fixed to the floor in order to avoid vandalism or theft. Steel because it’s heavy and electro plated in order to avoid corrosion which may damage your floors.


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Rotating the Tablet

Being able to rotate the Tablet enhances userbility. When serving a customer or when several shop assistants should have easy access, rotation is an advantage.

Most POS solutions utilize the rotation feature because it’s user friendly. Turn the Tablet and let your customer complete the transaction. The 360oRotating Mount can always be installed at a later stage. If the tablet is not fed with a Charging Cable, you can choose to de-activate the 360oStop Pin for endless rotation.

Celan and flat back

Landscape or Portrait

Only few software solutions are used in both landscape and portrait mode. Therefore we provide the 90oTurn Mount module which lets you turn from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa when the need arise.

Without the 90oTurn Mount you simply fix the Premium Tablet Case / Enclosure in the desired mode, landscape or portrait when assembling.  

Celan and flat back

Slider Bracket for 3rd Party Hardware Peripherals

We offer a standard Slider Bracket which can be used to secure or hold various Hardware Peripherals such as Card Readers, Color Scanners, Business Card Holders and Handheld Scanners.

The Slider Bracket can be mounted to work from both sides of the Tablet Case / Enclosure.

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Custom-made Brackets for special Peripherals

We are custom to making Brackets for different purposes and Peripherals.

No device has the same form factor and should not without consideration be fitted to our standard bracket.

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Brackets and Fixtures

It is not complicated for us to custom-make Brackets and Fixtures serving a specific purpose.

Contact us at for advice and take advantage of our wide experience.

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